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Bored of Your Workout Routine?

At Court 6, working out is a team sport.

Because Fitness Should Be Fun.

Dragging yourself to the gym? That's no fun.


For us, fun means three important things, they're the values our community is built on. 


It's the reason we keep coming back.

Ever been a part of a really great team? 


It sounds cliche, but we really are like a family. We look forward to our workouts because of the people we get to do them with.


Our members come from all different walks of life and all kinds of fitness levels. What brings us together is working hard towards a common goal. 


In fact, our members rated it the #1 reason they love coming to Court 6.


Olivia, Member

"The people. That's the main reason I keep on coming back.

Everyone's  looking to improve, but continue to champion others at the gym on their successes."


Adam, Member

"The community of athletes who attend Court 6 inspire me to be at my best.


We push each other and celebrate the achievements every day and have lots of fun getting healthy together."


Melanie, Member

"Every single person is helpful, kind, encouraging, and dedicated.

It’s a very inviting place, and everyone wants to see everyone succeed."


All you need to worry about is showing up.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our coaching and programming. 


When you come to Court 6, you don't have to worry about planning a workout. We take care of all that for you, and show you how to do it right with a coach at every class.

Our programming is designed to rapidly improve your fitness level regardless of where you're starting today. 


We even use mathematical formulas and science to design workouts. But you don't need to worry about any of that.



All you need to do is show up.


Jill, Member

"I was bored of my workouts, and had lost my passion for running. I had hit a plateau and couldn’t seem to get over it on my own.


I haven’t felt this healthy and in shape since playing varsity sports. I love the way I feel and the community I’m apart of."


Priscilla, Member

"Before starting Court 6, I struggled a lot with confidence. I would never push myself, most often I would “sand bag” the hour or two I spent at the gym.


The programming plays a huge role in why I stuck around. It suits every athlete perfectly and the coaching is hands down the best!"


Emily, Member

"The coaches are always going the extra mile to ensure you get your best work out within your abilities.


I started to see changes in my body within 6 months- and fell in love with it! I don't have to plan a single thing- just show up, smile, and push hard!"

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We push each other to find new limits. 

What's more exciting than preparing for a big game, performance or event? 

What's more rewarding than being cheered on by the people you care about and celebrated for your hard work?

What feels better than being showered with high fives as you race across the finish line?


That competitive spirit is what connects and motivates us to get better every day. 


Amanda, Member

"During my first class, everyone was so kind, welcoming and even more encouraging.


As someone who is particularly quiet, and wasn't a part of team sports growing up, I instantly appreciated the team like atmosphere that Court 6 provided."

18.2 Angela_edited.jpg

Angela, Member

"Crossfit reminded me of when I danced competitively - the ability to refine skills, and seeing hard work pay off (improvement in lifts, cardio, etc).


I was able to find that drive/motivation I used to have when joined Court 6."


Marcel, Member

"Going to Court 6 feels like playing in a "big game". Everyone is in it together, pushing each other and celebrating wins. 

I haven't felt this kind of camaraderie since playing team sports back in high school."

Get Started

If you're ready to:

- Fall in love with fitness again.

- Increase your level of intensity. 

- Be more consistent in your workouts.

- Learn new skills and movements

- Make friends, work hard, and have fun.

You're ready to try a class.


Interested in trying a free class? Reach out anytime.

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