Wednesday 07.11.2018

Member of the Week – Stephanie MacDonald

Stephanie MacDonald is quite the character… She has the ability to put everyone at ease before the start of a tough WOD with a perfectly timed joke. She can organize a fantastic party with both eyes closed and one hand tied behind her back. She can have any room hanging on her every word as she recounts any number of fantastic tales with true storyteller charm. But there’s a lot more to Wesey than this (what a great board-nickname, eh?).

A hardworker in all aspects of her life, downplaying her abilities is one of Steph’s favourite hobbies, but at Court 6 we all know the truth: She is incredible. Her wonderfully laidback and easygoing personality fuses nicely with the fact that she’s a determined and dynamic competitor. She cares about the effort she puts forward in the gym. In fact, she cares about a great many things. Family and friends are very important to Wesey, and, at Court 6, she’s very important to us.

-Coach Mutt


"Wrecking Ball"

In Teams of 2

25:00 AMRAP



Wall Ball

Calorie Row

each partner will complete a full round before moving up the ladder


1) In a 3:00 Window...

9 Power Snatch

15 Power Clean

21 Push Jerks

..with remaining time Max Overhead Squats (135/95)

2) "Wrecking Ball"