Wednesday 19.09.2018

Athlete of the Week - Melanie MacPherson Where do you start? Mel is amazing. Let's start there. First coming to Court 6 looking for a total change in lifestyle, the only thing more impressive than Mel's results is her dedication to keep improving. She'd probably never admit it to herself, but Mel is an inspiration to everyone who trains with her. The positive impact she has on the gym is unquestionable. When Mel is around two things happen: People enjoy themselves and people work hard. How could you not when you see Mel doing both of those things so flawlessly? -Coach Mutt



Clean & Jerk 15-12-9

Touch and go at the floor only, even a re-grip off the floor is a foul. No Dropping. Use Same load each set. Rest as needed between sets


1) Jerk Technique:

Jerk Drive 5x3 (85/90/95/95/95%)

Pausing Split Jerk 5x2 (68/73/78/80/82%)

2) "Gwen"

15-12-9 Unbroken Clean & Jerks

complete the set of 15's on 0:00

complete the set of 12's on 5:00

complete the set of 9's on 10:00

3) Midline Conditioning:

42-36-30-24-18 AbMat Sit-ups

21-18-15-12-9 Calorie Assault Bike