Tuesday 28.08.2018


“2k Row”

For Time: Row 2,000 Meters


1) “2k Row”

For Time: Row 2,000 Meters

Here’s the deal with the 2K row today.We all want to PR. But our aim for today needs to be something related, but different – to do our best. Historically, a 2K row has turned stomach’s over, and created nervousness unlike any other workout we do. And it should. When done right, it is one of the most challenging tests we could complete. It’s that… “elegant”. The truth of the matter however is that we can’t control if we can PR today. What we can control is our mental preparation, our race strategy, and our mindset during the race. If we fully give it everything we have, the timer will stop when the meters reach zero. There is one certainty… nothing will get us fitter, today, than giving our best effort here and now. Regardless of what that turns out to be. Let’s get fitter.

2) Odd-Object Conditioning

2) 3 Rounds: 5:00 Recovery Bike 200 Meter Sled Drag