Wednesday 04.07.2018


1) Power Clean Technique:

7 sets, Pausing Power Clean (knee/pocket/receiving position)

build by feel, do not exceed 60%

2) "Big Bang"

for time, with an 8:00 time cap

50 Power Cleans

Fitness 95/65

Performance 135/95

Competition 205/145

weight should be 75% of max power clean or 5 rep max

We want the paced single to be there throughout the course of the workout

hard cap at 8:00, for every rep short of 50 reps add :01

as an example if you complete 30 reps in 8:00 your score would be 8:20

3) Body Armor (5:00 to build to heavy in each)

A: DB Strict Press, 3x7

B: One Leg DB Deadlift, 3x5 (each side)

C: Weighted Strict Pull-ups, 3x3