Friday 08.06.2018


"Bumpy Ride"

In Teams of 3 AMRAP 25:00

9/6 Calorie Row

6 Burpees over Weight*

100m Weighted Run

*Athlete can choose weight for run Sandbag or Med Ball would work well

partners complete full rounds then switch


Primer: 3 Rounds

50' 1-arm farmers carry (each side)

10 Crossack Squats

1) A: Back Squats, 3x10 at 73%

B: Front Squats, 3x3 at 80%

2) "Bumpy Ride"

In Teams of 3, AMRAP 25:00

9/6 Calorie Bike/Row

6 Burpees over Sandbag

100m Sandbag Run