Thursday 22.02.2018

9pm on Thursday we'll be watching the release of 18.1. I'm excited to see all of you throw down on Friday. You're ready!

Let us know when you'd like to do your workout.

We'll use and online heat schedule... click here

Follow the link and reserve your spot.

AM & Noon Classes are now available to be booked. Heat times for the evening "Friday Night Lights" will be released as soon as we know the workout details.

Fitness & Performance:

"Goat Day"

OTM x 20:00

Odd: movement 1

Even: movement 2

COMPETITION: (Open Athletes)

Mobility: Foam Roll, Thoracic (upper back) 2:00

Pec, Lacrosse Ball 1:00/side

Foam Roll, Quad & Adductors 2:00/side

Active Recovery: 3 Rounds

1:00 Light Row

4 Spiderman & Reach (each leg)

8 Air Squats

12 Russian Kettlebell Swings

2x :30sec Samson Stretch (each leg)

3 Rounds

1:00 Light Bike

4 Divebomber Pushups

8 Dowel Overhead Squats

12 AbMat Situps

Mobility: Childs Pose 2:00

Straddle Stretch 2:00

Pigeon Pose 2:00/side

Couch Stretch 2:00/side

Ankle Flexibility 1:00/side