Saturday 26.08.2017

Free Trial Class today 8-11.

We all have that one friend... bring them along today.


In Teams of 2:

600m Run, 40 Wall Balls

600m Run, 30 Wall Balls

600m Run, 20 Wall Balls

600m Run

Alternate every 100m on the run, split the wall balls any way you like.

Rx) "Jack & Jill"

in teams of 2:

600m Sandbag Run, 40 Clean & Jerks 95/65

600m Sandbag Run, 30 Clean & Jerks 115/80

600m Sandbag Run, 20 Clean & Jerks 135/95

600m Sandbag Run

one sandbag per team, you may switch at any point during the run

Comp) "Jack & Jill"