Wednesday 20.07.2016

The Spa will be closed next week for their annual renovations. Court 6 will be closed as a result Monday & Tuesday, but don't worry we'll have some workouts for you. We'll be back in the gym from Wednesday on. Check the website for the schedule and further instruction.

L1) A) 4x4 Snatch

B) 4x4 Power Clean + Front Squat

C) 4x10 Overhead Squat

L2 & Comp) with a running clock...

Mins 1-9 on the :90 x 6 rounds

2 Squat Snatches at 80%

Rest 4:00

Mins 13-22 on the :90 x 6 rounds

2 Squat Clean & Jerks at 80%

Rest 4:00

100 Overhead Squats for time 95/65

Comp B) 4 Rounds

30 Calorie Row, 1min rest between sets