Wednesday 04.05.2016

L1) 1) Jerks 4x5

2) 15 Hand Release Push-up

30 Calorie Row

15 Hand Release Push-ups

L2) 1) Build to a Heavy Split Jerk

2) 15 Handstand Push-ups

900m Run or 60 Calorie Row (whatever the choice on Tuesday, do the other)

15 Handstand Push-ups

Comp) 1) Split Jerk Strict Press - 3x3

Split Jerk the bar overhead, then preform 3 strict presses while your feet remain in the "split catch" position. This is a new skill load should be kept light.

2) 1RM Split Jerk

3) EMOM x 5: 4-8 Unbroken Strict HSPU

Row 75 Calories

EMOM x 5: 4-8 Unbroken Strict HSPU

-Pick a number you can hold for all 10 rounds. I'd rather choose a number too low than begin failing reps.