Tuesday 29.03.2016

I think we're all happy the 2016 CrossFit Games Open is officially behind us. I could not be more proud of everyone who participated in the 5 week competition. The community support was outstanding, it helped many of us get through some of the toughest workouts we have ever done. We had 4 athletes in our 1st open 2 years ago, 18 last year and an amazing 47 athletes this year! Thank you to all the judges, everyone who brought snacks and those who came to cheer on their friends.

The Open is a huge world wide competition and we've all spent the past 5 weeks comparing our scores to our friends and the rest of world. Keep in mind it is an individual competition, an opportunity to test yourself and do things you didn't think you could. Don't pay too much attention to your place on the leaderboards. Be proud of what you've accomplished. Focus on the positive experiences, there were many, and use them to fuel your training for the next year. You'll have the opportunity to do this again in 2017 so keep working. If it doesn't challenge you it won't change you.

L1 & L2) 3 Rounds

10 Overhead Squats

10 Pullups

400m Run

2:00 Rest

Comp) Open Athletes, this is a Recovery week. Take it easy, we'll get back to it next week.

3 Rounds Not for time

500m EASY Row

400m EASY Run

2:00 Rest