The Open

Thoughts on the Open..

The 2016 CrossFit Games Open begins in 4 days.

So, what is it? The Open is a 5 week, 5 workout online competition. Every Thursday for the next 5 weeks a workout will be released and hundreds of thousands of athletes from all over the world will compete. There will be an RX and Scaled version, so anyone no matter your experience or skill level can participate. In order to submit an official score your workout must be preformed in front of a judge. We will do the workouts in our gym on Friday. Friday’s evening class will be replaced with a special event “Friday night Lights”. This is a community event so even if you decide not to compete come cheer on the people who do. Sunday will be an opportunity for those who missed or would like another shot at the workout.

Why you should Participate:

  1. You’re Ready. Whether you’re aware of it or not, the workouts you’ve been doing each and every day are programmed to help you excel at this very competition. Rx’d and scaled workouts make it accessible to everyone and you can choose the appropriate version for each workout.

  2. It will bring out the best in you. Every year since the first open there has been at least one moment (in some years many moments) where I accomplished something I had never done before. That moment is enough to make the entire competition worth it, it fuels my entire next years training and it should be what each of you focuses on.

  3. It humbles you. The workouts are difficult. They will test you mentally and physically. Over the course of the 5 workouts you’ll have the opportunity to show your strength, but your weaknesses will also be exposed. Too many people focus on the one or few movements they haven’t mastered yet. Like the positive experiences, every year since the beginning one workout has left me a little disappointed. These experiences will also make you stronger. Growth always involves a risk of failure.

  4. It’s Fun. More than anything else The Open is about having fun, making the impossible happen and sharing those experiences with the members of our community. Put yourself out there and go for it! You will not regret it.