Wednesday 25.11.2015

The Island Throwdown is this Saturday at CrossFit Summerside. Court 6 is well represented with 17 Athletes. If you've always wondered what a CrossFit competition is like this is your opportunity to find out. Come see what it's all about and cheer on our athletes.

"Weightlifting Wednesday"

L1) 1) 5x3 Power Snatch

2) 4 Rounds (not 4 time)

10 Overhead Squat (Light Weight)

10 Squat Therapy

L2) 1) Work up to a Heavy 3 Position Power Snatch

Pos 1: Pockets

Pos 2: Knees

Pos 3: Floor

2) EMOM x 7: 3 Squat Snatches

Comp) Skills & Drills Practice for upcoming IT3. (work on the movements you consider your weakest)