Wednesday 15.04.2015

The Programming at Court 6 CrossFit will be changing slightly. We will be introducing a multi-level program which will have versions of the daily workouts for the beginner (L1) intermediate (L2) and competitive athletes (Comp). This will help promote the safe and gradual progression necessary for long term sucess in our core strength and conditioning program. -JT

"Weightlifting Wednesday"

(Today will be a light technique day for most people)

L1) Hang Snatch 3x3

Overhead Squat 3x3

Push Press 5x3

L2) Overhead Squat 3x3

Snatch Balance 5x1 (dowel or unweighted bar)

Hang Snatch + Overhead Squat 3x3

Push Press 4x8 climbing

Comp) Overhead Squat, work up to a heavy single

Snatch Balance, work up to a heavy single

Hang Squat Snatch, Work up to a heavy single

Push Press 4x8 climbing





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